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Tyra - August 2017

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Tyra Renee

This is Tyra Renee, she is a seven-year-old Chihuahua/Yorkie mix.  Her owners brought her to Dr. Grosser for a second opinion on rapidly growing tumors.


Dr. Grosser examined Tyra and noted extensive masses over her dorsal thorax.  He said they were operable but would require drains to be placed at the time of excision as well as a chest wrap.  Tyra also had stage 4 periodontal disease. Due to the extent of her dental disease and the time it would require to surgically excise her masses he decided to do the dental cleaning as phase one to remove that source of constant bacteria and infection before proceeding with the mass removal.


We scheduled Tyra’s Dental Prophylaxis with the plan to schedule her mass removal 30 days later.  Tyra had 12 teeth extracted due to periodontal disease. She also had several teeth missing prior to her prophylaxis with Post Pet Hospital. She had 4 teeth left and intact at her procedure release.  Tyra did quite well post anesthesia, so we were able to get her scheduled for her mass(es) removal.

Tyra weighed in at 6.6 pounds on surgery day.  It took a total of three hours For Dr. Grosser to complete the surgery, he placed 2 drains and then bandaged her for compression and to alleviate the possibility of seromas forming. The tumors weighed in at 3.2 pounds, half of Tyra’s body weight!


Tyra has healed beautifully and once her hair grows back no one will be able to see her scars!

                   After shaving the hair off before surgery


                 During Surgery                                                      Tumors


                                        Post OP


                                                    at suture removal