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September 2008 - Ozzie Jandahl

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Ozzie Jondahl



Meet Ozzie Jondahl. Ozzie is a 10yr old male neutered domestic shorthair cat. Ozzie was first presented to Post Pet Hospital back in July 2008 for not eating and vomiting. Ozzie was diagnosed with Stage 4 periodontal disease. We ran bloodwork before scheduling a dental cleaning and found Ozzie to be diabetic. Ozzie had his teeth cleaned a few days later and had 6 extractions. Ozzie was sent home on Clindamycin (an antibiotic) and DM food to manage his diabetes. Ozzie came back into the hospital on September 16th 2008 for not eating, vomiting and producing only small amounts of urine.  Ozzie had lost 5 lbs since July and was mildly icteric (jaundice).

We started Ozzie on IV fluids and antibiotics (an injection that last 2 wks), gave him medications for his vomiting and submitted more bloodwork. His bloodwork revealed increased liver values (that were in July normal) and his blood glucose was now normal. Ozzie responded to treatment very well and started eating A/D. Ozzie was sent home on medication for nausea and vomiting, and pet tinic, a dietary supplement.

Upon a two week re-evaluation of Ozzie and his bloodwork, we were happy to see that Ozzie had continued to progress and has gained almost 2 lbs, his blood glucose was still normal and his liver values were down almost into the normal range.

 Ozzie was euthanized May 13th, 2009 after another battle with elevated liver enzymes and diabetes.