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Olaf - September 2017

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   Meet Olaf, he is a 7year old Newfoundland.  Dr. Grosser and the Post Pet Hospital staff have been caring for Olaf since he was a puppy.  Most recently Olaf’s owner phoned the hospital stating she noticed a rapid growing mass in his mouth.  We recommended bringing Olaf in for an exam and possible removal of the mass.

The mass was cauliflower shaped, measured 1.5 x 2cm and involved the upper left canine tooth as well as the last incisor. Dr. Grosser recommended a removal of the growth with histopathology and a dental cleaning of the remaining teeth.

Surgery was performed September 29th, Dr. Grosser removed the 3rd incisor tooth to get complete access to the tumor and accomplish good excisional margins.  Olaf’s remaining teeth were scaled and polished and no further extractions were necessary.  Olaf recovered without complications and was sent home on antibiotics and pain medication pending the histopathology report.

The histopathology report stated the growth was a papillary squamous cell carcinoma. These carcinomas respond favorably to excision and have a low grade of malignancy. Upon recheck there were no signs of tumor regrowth and Olaf was doing well and chewing normally again.   We will be doing a series of recheck exams to watch for any regrowth issues. 

                                                                     Before removal

                                                                 After removal


                                                         Olaf and his friend at the Beach