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October 2008 - Cali Ketcham

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Cali Ketcham


     This is Cali Ketcham. Cali is a 5yr old Female spayed Border Collie. Cali presented to Post Pet Hospital on a busy Saturday with an open wound on her chest. Luckily the wound was not complicated and Cali is an excellent patient so we were able to clip and flush the wound without sedation and used staples to close it.                
      Cali showed no signs of illness or pain. She did not have a fever at presentation. Upon further physical examination we did find two other punctures or possible bite wounds. Cali has a house mate that she plays very rough with and most likely at some point he got the upper "paw".

     Cali was placed on antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and is healing nicely