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July 2009 - Goldie Aldrich

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Goldie is a 10yr old male/neutered FIV postive domestic shorthair.  He was first diagnosed with cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) on June 2nd, 2009 and ended up having a cystotomy (cutting into the bladder) to have urinary stones removed on July 22nd, 2009.  After several rounds of antibiotics the owner opted to have radiographs taken of Goldie's bladder, which gave us our diagnosis of bladder stones and led to the cystotomy.  Dr. Grosser removed one large stone made of 3 stones clumped together, a smaller "clump" of stones and one smaller stone.  Goldie was urinating in his litterbox 24 hours post-operatively and bright and alert.  Stone analysis results diagnosed calcium oxalate crystals and Goldie was placed on a prescription diet to maintain his urinary health.  Goldie continues to do well at home and eats his new diet happily.