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May 2009 -  Murphy Keith

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Murphy Keith

Murphy is a 1 1/2 yr old male neutered beagle mix. He first presented in February as a new patient to Post Pet Hospital. Murphy had a midshaft fracture to his left femur, that Dr. Grosser repaired. He recovered quickly and was using the leg by the time he returned for his suture removal. By April Murphy was using the leg so well that he bent the pins Dr. Grosser had used to repair the fracture. We confirmed this with radiographs but recommended leaving the pins in for 3-4 more weeks for optimum healing. On May 8th Murphy came back for his pin removal; at that point he was non-weight bearing on the leg and a seroma had formed over the pins. Dr. Grosser removed they pins and by the next morning Murphy was bearing weight on the leg again and bouncing around like his normal , happy self. It is always a pleasure to see Murphy and his owner, Lonnie.

                                            Day of Surgery

                                        Bent pins