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Post Pet Hospital - Pet of the Month

June 2009- Jake Phillabaum

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Jake Phillabaum is an 11yr old male/neutered Pug.  Jake is full of personality but on June 15th he was presented to Post Pet Hospital with lethargy, anorexia and a ruptured anal sac.  After a full physical exam, Dr. Grosser also noted periodontal disease.  Dr. Grosser then recommended we keep Jake for the day to treat the ruptured anal sac and perform a dental prophylaxis.  We ran preoperative bloodwork and placed an IV catheter prior to anesthesia.  Jake had a dental cleaning and 12 teeth were extracted.  We also flushed Jake's ruptured anal sac and infused it with medication.  Jake stayed in the hospital for a week after his procedure so we could care for him while his owner was in the hospital. Jake recovered nicely and began eating quite well.
Our staff got a big kick out of Jake, he's very entertaining and a pleasure to have around and work with.
Since Jake's stay with us he has returned for his annual vaccines, heartworm check and stool check.  Mr. Phillabaum's wife is still in the hospital but he hopes that she will be moving to a nursing home soon so her and Jake can be reunited.  Jake is missing her terribly but now is in tip top shape to be able to visit her as soon as he's able to.