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Elvis - March 2017

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  Elvis is a 10 year old Boston Terrier that presented to Post Pet Hospital on March 7th, 2017 when Dr. Grosser diagnosed Elvis with a corneal ulcer on his right eye and glaucoma. He prescribed eye drops to help with inflammation, corneal repair, infection, and to decrease his eye pressures.

  Ten days later, Elvis was seen at the emergency clinic because his eye seemed worse. He was shaking, throwing his head to the left, and falling down sometimes. They determined that he had a mild ear infection in his left ear. They dispensed medications to help with the pain. That night, Elvis ran into something and injured his eye. Dr. Grosser saw Elvis the following morning, March 18th, and determined that the eyeball had ruptured and needed to be removed so he performed an enucleation that day. There was no way to save his vision in that eye and this would also eliminate the persistent pain Elvis was experiencing.  Just five days later, we were able to decrease his pain medications because he was doing so well. He had stopped the head shaking and was no longer falling over.

  Two weeks after the enucleation, we removed his sutures and Elvis had adjusted well to losing his eye. Elvis is currently still on medication to control glaucoma in his left eye. He is also completely blind due to the cataract in his remaining left eye.

 Corneal ulcers, glaucoma, and eyeball injuries can be very painful. Elvis was trying to “throw himself” away from the pain in his right eye, hence the jerking his head to the left. This resulted in the loss of balance and falling over. Removing the source of his pain (the eye) allowed him to enjoy his life again. Dogs adapt well to blindness. Pain, on the other hand, is a different matter.