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December 2008 - Shelby Lynn Abner

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Shelby Lynn Abner

    Shelby is a 1yr old female/spayed Golden Retriever that presented to Post Pet Hospital on December 13th for vomiting.Shelby had been vomiting for one week. Normally Shelby is very active and into everything. Abdominal radiographs showed material in the stomach and gas distended loops of bowel.

          (the black is gas in the loops of the bowel)

        On Monday December 15th Shelby returned not doing well and pre-operative radiographs comfirmed the "material" had not left the stomach and there was increased gaseous distension of the small intestine indicating a blockage. Shelby had an emergency enterotomy revealing 9 perforations of the intestinal tract and an additional incision into the stomach necessary to remove the remnants of plastic, cloth, hair and various other unknown material not able to be extracted through the intestine.

after surgery

        Post-operatively Shelby continued to vomit and the Doctors were concerned about her developing septicemia and/or peritonitis. Shelby was on several medications and improved with each day. At Shelby's suture removal she was back to her normal self.