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Bella Richardson - September 2009

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  Bella Richardson

This is Bella Richardson, she is a 6 month old Pit Bull that we first saw in August after being attacked by another dog. She had an ear laceratio that required general anesthesia to repair. Her ear was sutured back together and healed nicely. One month after Bella's initial visit she was presented to Post Pet Hospital with vomiting, diarrhea and anorexia. She tested positive for Parvovirus, a common virus in unvaccinated or immumocomprimised puppies. Parvo causes vomiting, bloody diarrhea, anorexia, dehydration and weight loss and sometimes death.

We hospitalized Bella placing her in intravenous fluids, and administered antibiotics, antacids and antiemetics (anti vomiting) by injection. Bella only vomited once in hospital but had multiple episodes of bloddy diarrhea. She was hospitalized for the weekend and by Monday her vomiting and diarrhea had resolved. We discontinued her intravenous fluids and started her on oral medication and Probiotics, and she was discharged Monday evening. By Wednesday Bella was eating well at home and giving her owner a hard time when trying to medicate her. Bella has been through a lot for her age and still remains a happy Patient