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October 2018 - Fantasia

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This is Fantasia, she is an estimated 8-year-old Pitbull Mix.

Monday October 8t h  Fantasia came to work with her owner  because she had been vomiting since the day before. Fantasia has a history of eating things she’s not supposed to eat.  Dr. Grosser recommended radiographs to start diagnostics and we placed an intravenous catheter to start IV fluids.

 Fantasia was dehydrated since she had been vomiting and not taking in much food or water. Initial bloodwork showed elevated kidney enzymes as well as elevated liver enzymes. Radiographs were inconclusive but based on history the doctor thought she had a possible foreign body.

Fantasia was released to the care of her owner who is a technician at Post Pet Hospital. She did IV fluids at home and gave medications.  The next morning Fantasia had a fever of 105.3 (high normal is 102.5). She hadn’t eaten since Sunday evening.  We started her on intravenous antibiotics and an injectable anti-inflammatory for the fever. IV fluids were continued throughout the day and through the night. That night Fantasia ate a couple bites of boiled chicken but started having liquid diarrhea.

The next day her temperature was normal but Fantasia was still not feeling well. Dr. Grosser recommended sedation and passing a stomach tube to give Barium so we could re-radiograph her.  The radiographs showed a stomach full of barium and not much barium moving through the intestinal tract. At this point Dr. Grosser recommended surgery to explore the digestive tract.

Once Dr. Grosser opened her abdomen fluid immediately leaked out of the incision, caused by peritonitis.  He then noticed an extremely enlarged gall bladder. Normal size is 7-9cm long x 3-4cm wide. Fantasia’s measured approximately 12.5cm long x 6cm wide. It was full of a thick gelatinous sludge.  The gall bladder was removed and he ran her intestines to check for a foreign body. There was no foreign body found. After lavaging her abdomen, he was ready to close her up.

After surgery it took Fantasia one week before she started eating normally. Once she started eating she seemed to turn a corner.  At 14 days her sutures were removed and the incision looked great!  We repeated bloodwork 30 days post-surgery and all her kidney and liver enzymes came back normal!  * On a side note, Fantasia is a breast cancer survivor as well. She was rescued and spayed as an adult, breast cancer can be prevented when our pets are spayed/neutered at 6 months.


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