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May 2019 - Chipirina

Posted 12:35 PM


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Our May pet of the month is “Chipirina”, a spayed 9-year-old, diabetic yorkie. In May we saw her for her annual exam and vaccinations, which may not seem very remarkable but getting to this appointment was a very big milestone considering “Chipirina’s” health when we initially saw her in March after spending several days in the E.R. “Chipirina” came to us after undergoing a surgical procedure to remove her infected uterus, a condition known as pyometra. At this same time, she was also battling DKA or Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Neither of these things are easy to treat but when trying to treat both of them at the same time, the odds are stacked against the patient. So, when we were able to see “Chipirina” in May for a wellness visit it was quite the happy occasion. At this visit we also checked a Fructosamine level which is a ‘snapshot’ of how well her body has been regulating its sugars over a period of time. This type of testing is desirable because the blood glucose test we can do in house only measure the sugars in the blood at that moment and this reading can be affected by environmental stressors. Her fructosamine levels came back in the range of ‘fair regulation’ which is a huge improvement from her initial diagnosis. We also recommended a dental at this visit and she was healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia a few weeks later to have her teeth cleaned and have some problematic teeth extracted. “Chipirina” is at home with her family now doing great!