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March 2019 - Microchipping

Posted 2:28 PM



For March we wanted to celebrate our microchipped pets. Out of all the patients

We saw for surgery in March; 12 of them were microchipped, either at their surgery appointment or prior to their surgery.

Microchips are a permanent form of identification that cannot be lost or chewed up beyond recognition, they are smaller than a grain of rice and placed under the skin, usually between the shoulder blades.

 Most veterinary hospitals and shelters have universal scanners that can read any brand microchip. You can look up microchip numbers on a website called  If your pet’s microchip is not registered your pet is not protected and cannot be reunited with their family. Home Again will enroll any brand of microchip and your pet will be registered in their database for life.

At Post Pet Hospital we use HomeAgain microchips. The cost is $38 and this includes the registration. We will submit the information for you and you can provide up to 3 contact numbers. The website is very user friendly for updating any change in information, you can also upload a picture of your pet for their profile. 

Pictured are a few of our patients we’ve microchipped!


     IMG_3212          Blue Ivy
                                  Fessy                                                                             Blue Ivy

   Bentley   Bitsy   Bobo
                Bentley                                                Bitsey                                                        Bobo