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June 2019 - Henry

Posted 12:38 PM



June’s pet of the month had a much simpler diagnosis and treatment plan. “Henry”, a neutered 1-year-old toy poodle, came to us in mid-June with the tip of his penis protruding from his prepuce. This condition is known as paraphimosis. Treatment for this can range from very simple to very complex depending on how long the penis has been outside of its sheath. In “Henry’s” case it has only been a few days and his owner had done a wonderful job at home of keeping the skin moist therefore there was no lasting tissue damage. For the treatment of “Henry’s” paraphimosis we briefly anesthetized him so that he wouldn’t experience any discomfort while we replaced his penis into it’s prepuce. We flushed the entire area with a chlorohexidine solution to sanitize the exposed areas and gave a corticosteroid injection to reduce the swelling in the area. Upon examination, Dr. Grosser found that the end of his prepuce had gotten rolled in onto itself and that was keeping the tip of the penis from staying in the sheath. He clipped the fur from the area and returned the anatomy to its correct positions. “Henry” was recovered from anesthesia and went home the same day. He recovered from this incident quickly and completely and has had no further issues!