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June 2018 - Flu Vaccine

Posted 4:34 PM

This month we would like to acknowledge our patients that have received their flu vaccine. There are two types of canine flu that the CDC recognizes, H3N8 and H3N2.

H3N8 originated in horses and jumped species and adapted to cause illness in dogs and can spread among dogs, especially those housed in kennels and shelter. It is now considered dog specific and has been detected in dogs across much of the United States.

 H3N2 originated in birds, spread to dogs and can now spread between dogs. It was first detected in 2015 and now has been found in more than 30 states.

Signs and symptoms can vary but typically are: cough, runny nose, fever, lethargy, eye discharge and decreased appetite. The severity of illness associated with canine flu in dogs can range from no signs to severe illness resulting in pneumonia and in rare cases, sometimes death. Canine flu is thought to spread mainly among dogs through respiratory droplets produced during coughing and sneezing from infected dogs or through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Treatment largely consists of supportive care, which helps keep the dog hydrated and comfortable while the pets body mounts an immune response to the infection to facilitate recovery. Broad spectrum antibiotics may be prescribed by the veterinarian if secondary bacterial infection is suspected.

Many boarding, grooming facilities and doggy daycares are requiring the flu vaccine. We vaccinated 20 pets in the month of June! Here are just a few of them….


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            Duke & Stella           Cindy


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          Princess                                    Foxy           


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        Scottie Jo                   Gracie