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July 2018 - Ty

Posted 4:25 PM



This is “Ty”, he is a 16yr old Male/Neutered Domestic Longhair.

Post Pet Hospital has been treating Ty since 2006.  Most recently Ty’s owner brought him in for Dr. Grosser to check a rapidly growing growth between Ty’s eyes. The growth was ulcerated and Dr. Grosser recommended a geriatric work up prior to doing surgery to excise the tumor due to Ty’s age.

We took chest radiographs and did extensive bloodwork.

Bloodwork showed some early kidney disease with mildly elevated kidney enzymes. All other parameters were within normal limits.

Radiographs were normal for Ty’s age, with no signs of metastasis (or tumor extension).

Dr. Grosser did a sliding flap incision to make up for the skin deficit from removing the tumor. He wanted to be sure there was ample skin to close the incision without distorting Ty’s face. The tumor was submitted for histopathology.

Upon recovery Ty began rubbing his face and pulled his incision open at a corner. We placed a small amount of tissue glue on the corner and put and ecollar on Ty to prevent further damage to the incision. Ty was sent home on pain medication, and antibiotics.

The tumor was reported back as a benign mast cell tumor. Benign mast cell tumors are usually well circumscribed dermal masses that occur on the head neck or limbs in cats. Recurrence is possible but spread to other parts of the body are unusual in a cat.

Ty’s incision healed well and he has had his sutures removed.  He is on a prescription diet for his kidneys and we will continue to monitor them as well as due regularly scheduled tumor rechecks.

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