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January 2020 - Jill

Posted 4:17 PM




This is Jill, she is a 4yr old Schnauzer/Poodle mix.  Her owner first brought her in to see Dr. Grosser for coughing, diarrhea and a possible hurt front leg. Dr. Grosser sent home an antibiotic for the cough, pain medication for the limp and a probiotic for the diarrhea.

We did a call back the next day and the owner stated Jill would take a few steps then sit down. The owner said she took her for a walk and it seemed to be Jill’s back legs that were the problem and she ended up sitting down and not wanting to move after that.  Dr. Grosser recommended we could augment the Loxicom with Tramadol.

Two days later (on a Friday) we saw Jill for not being able to get up or walk at all. Dr. Grosser had us take radiographs and send bloodwork to the lab.  We discontinued both pain medications at this time to rule out Jill being too sedated. Saturday Jill ended up at the emergency clinic. She was diagnosed with immune mediated thrombocytopenia (ITP), an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack and destroy her platelets, and a generalized weakness. A chemotherapy drug called Vincristine was given to Jill while at VCA; Vincristine has some immunosuppressant activity and is considered for first-line adjunctive treatment for acute management of ITP, as part of platelet recovery.  VCA recommended referral to Purdue for further evaluation of Jill’s progressive paresis. (weakness)

Jill was hospitalized at Purdue for further diagnostics, they sent in muscle and nerve biopsies to determine the etiology of her neuromuscular disease.  Jill also developed a corneal ulcer, due to dry eye and decreased ability to blink secondary to her neurologic disease. Jill was discharged from Purdue pending biopsy results and tick titers done at VCA.

Jill’s neuromuscular disease treatments are Doxycycline & Gabapentin. The treatment for her eyes is Antibiotic ointment, Lubricating ointment and Optimmune(cyclosporine) for the dry eye.  The ITP is treated with Prednisone and Mycophenolate, this protects the platelets from destruction by the body’s immune response.

Since Jill’s initial visit to Post Pet Hospital, VCA, and Purdue she has continued to improve and is gaining weight.  Her weakness seems to be most visible in the pelvic limbs. She has been rechecked at Purdue and they are happy with her progress, stating she is responding well.  Purdue recommends continuing her treatment plan and adding in some at home physical therapy.


Jill lounging before therapy :-)