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January 2019

Posted 3:25 PM




Meet Titan! We are guessing him to be a Great Dane mix. Titan was found at a bus stop as a stray in January. His collar was so tight they had to cut it off. He was intact and had no identification. He was brought to Post Pet Hospital to be scanned for a microchip and he did not have one.

Dr. Grosser examined Titan and estimated his age to be 6-8 months old.  Dr. Grosser went ahead and vaccinated and heartworm tested Titan. He was negative for heartworm disease, so they started him on preventative. We also dewormed Titan for intestinal parasites, he had not defecated yet since they found him. It is unknown what Titan had been eating but he was significantly emaciated.  Dr. Grosser started him on Purina JM diet for malnutrition and to protect the joints since he is a large breed.

Since Titan’s visit he has gained weight but his ribs and backbone are still showing. He loves to ride in the car with his new owner and is adjusting well to his new life of luxury.

We saw Titan back for his boosters and he had gained 20 pounds and looked amazing! He has been working on socializing with other dags and has done quite well with his social skills and making friends. He is quite attached to his new owner but very friendly with strangers as well. We are so excited to watch Titan continue to grow in his new family.


                                                                       Titan Before



                                                                     Titan After