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January 2018 - Hannah

Posted 4:24 PM


Meet Hannah, she is a beloved 10year old female/spayed Beagle Mix. Hannah and her sister(housemate), Lily, have been known to “scuffle” from time to time. This time it was Christmas and the girls were outside when the family’s puppy alerted the owner to a fight outside between Hannah and Lily. The owner wrapped the wounds and called the clinic to let us know she would be in the next morning for Dr. Grosser to surgically repair the wounds.

We admitted Hannah into the hospital and did our standard preanesthetic bloodwork, passed and IV catheter and took her to surgery to probe the bite wounds and repair the damage. Hannah had multiple bite wounds with the largest one being on her right front foot, proximal to the accessory carpal pad. Dr. Grosser debrided (removed necrotic skin) and then sutured the wound closed. He bandaged the foot to apply pressure to control post op seepage. Hannah went home on antibiotics, Rimadyl and Tramadol. 

The next day Hannah was vomiting and her feet were swollen. We loosened the bandage and gave antiemetics for vomiting. After a few more rechecks and bandage changes, an additional antibiotic was added in due to the prolonged time it was taking Hannah’s wounds to heal. When Hannah’s owner was home she would leave the bandage off to allow air to it for healing and Hannah would wear an Elizabethan collar to keep her from licking the wounds. 

 Hannah continued to vomit daily and her wounds were not responding to antibiotics, they were red and puffy.  Dr. Grosser recommended a culture and sensitivity. The culture and sensitivity came back positive for Meth-Resistant Staph Psuedintermedius. This particular strain is resistant to both antibiotics Hannah had previously been on. Hannah’s sister that bit her has a long history of skin issues and is a regular patient at the local dermatologist’s office. This diagnosis also helped treat a chronic wound that Lily had been battling. 

After the fifth week of being on antibiotics Hannah was able to discontinue her medications, she had finally healed!

                                   Before                                                                      After