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February 2018- Cooper

Posted 5:51 PM


Meet Cooper, he is a 3yr old Labrador Retriever. We have been seeing Cooper since he was a puppy. His first visit with us in 2014 was for puppy boosters and a “hot spot”. Hot spots are lesions that occur when dogs, scratch, gnaw and or lick an area on their body. They are most commonly accompanied by areas of matted fur and/or hair loss. Hot spots often become infected, and the resulting discomfort will cause tCooper.jpeghe dog to do further damage to the area. The veterinarian term for these lesions is acute moist pyotraumatic dermatitis. (AMPD). 

Cooper has a history of “hot spots” and some allergies. Cooper’s most recent annual exam was this February and he had another “hot spot” on the dorsal portion of his tail extending form the base of the tail to the tip. The first course of action for a hot spot is to clear the bacterial infection and cleanse the wound. We shaved the hair away from the hotspots and cleaned with chlorhexidine solution and water. Next we powdered the hot spot with an antibiotic powder that contains a numbing agent for pain. 

Cooper went home on antibiotics, allergy medicine, and pain medications as well as an anti-inflammatory.  A couple weeks later Cooper came to Fort Ben Boarding & Grooming for a spa day and we snapped a picture of his healing tail! So far he is leaving it alone, allowing the hair to grow back!