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Post Pet Hospital - Pet of the Month

December 2018

Posted 8:35 PM

To wrap up 2018 Pet of the Month blogs, we wanted to update you on our own pet families.

We lost some furry family members and we gained some.

Our office manager, Angie & her family have Lily the lab and Sugar the one-eyed Shih Tzu. They sadly lost one furry family member this year.

Our receptionist, Debby & her hubby have Augie the black lab, Libby the black/tan coonhound mix and gained a new red tick coonhound puppy, Annie. Debby’s family sadly lost one furry family member as well.

Our RVT, Diana & her family have Roxie, the American Bulldog, Sally Su the shihpoo and gained an American Bulldog puppy, Fessy. They also have 4 cats- one rescue and three foster fails! Diana’s family unfortunately lost one furry member and one feathered member. They have 7 chickens and a rooster.

Our veterinary technician, Hillary & her hubby maintained their 4 rescue pit bulls and gained two foster dogs that were returned through no fault of their own. They also made one of their longtime fosters a permanent member of the family. They have one foster dog still looking for her forever home and have two cats as well.

Our Assistant, Mandi & her family maintained their furry family with their two pit bulls, one they’ve had since a puppy (Red), the other was a rescue from Post Pet Hospital, Sassy and they also have one cat, Ned.

Our Assistant/Receptionist Emma-Kate has a rescue pit bull and two cats but still lives at home so shares the home with her parents Great Dane, Lab mix and their 3 cats. She sadly lost one of her rat friends but still has three left.

Our Assistant, Samantha, maintained her two dogs, Charlotte & Abby and her cat, Ginger. She still lives at home with her parents & her parents dogs, Tia, Chelle, & Ruby and their 4 cats.

These are pictures of our new additions but if you would like to see our other pets please visit our About Us Page.

                                                                          Annie sitting on Augie

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                      Fessy and Annie                                                              Roxie and Fessy