December 2017 - Blitz

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December 2017 - Blitz

Posted 7:28 PM


This is “Blitz” a 5-year-old female/spayed domestic shorthair. We met Blitz in November 2017 when her owner brought her in for an exam to check an eye. Blitz’s right eye had recently become cloudy and hadn’t improved within a few days. Blitz lives in a home with two other cats, one being twice her size and known to pick on or bully her. 

Dr. Grosser diagnosed her with traumatic conjunctivitis and sent her home on eye drops.  At her recheck a week later the owner stated that it was difficult to get the eye drops in but she felt like Blitz felt better and the eye had less discharge. Dr. Grosser noted corneal edema and vascularization and recommended switching to a different eye drop. Within two weeks the owner updated us stating the eye was nearly clear! 

Two weeks after our positive update on Blitz, the owner stated the eye was swollen and foggy again.  Dr. Grosser recommended restarting the antibiotic eyedrops and scheduling a recheck exam. The owner brought Blitz in two days later and stated that the eye had gotten worse since she updated us. Dr. Grosser concurred and also noted how painful Blitz was at this visit. At this point Dr. Grosser recommended an enucleation (removal of the eyeball) due to the significant swelling and pain.  He was concerned about a possible tumor in the eye.  Blitz was sent home on pain medications and the owner was given an estimate on the cost of surgery. 

The family decided on having the enucleation and it was scheduled for the next week.  Preanesthetic bloodwork showed an elevated white blood cell count but all other parameters were within normal limits. Blitz had surgery without complications and recovered quickly and immediately wanted attention, purring and licking the technician’s hand. We placed an e-collar on Blitz to keep her from pawing at her face while the incision healed.  Dr. Grosser performed a gross examination of the eyeball and diagnosed an abscess of the globe. Since surgery Blitz has gained two pounds and is doing fantastic.


Blitz before Surgery