April 2018 - Lola

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April 2018 - Lola

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This is Lola, a Yorkie mix that was found as a stray in September 2017. We first met her to scan her for a microchip, after she was found. Dr. Grosser vaccinated her two months later after no one claimed her as their own. 

On April 10, 2018, Lola was rushed into Post pet Hospital after being attacked by a larger dog while shew as tied out in her yard. Lola’s presenting wounds were extensive. Dr. Grosser ordered radiographs as our first diagnostic. Lola had what’s called a Flail chest-a life threatening medical condition that occurs when a segment of the rib cage breaks due to trauma and becomes detached from the rest of the chest wall. Symptoms are chest pain an shortness of breath, as well as the flail segment moving in the opposite direction to the rest of the chest. 

Surgery to fix the fractures appears to result in a better outcome for the patient. Prior to surgery the technicians started an intravenous catheter and IV fluids. Pain medication and antibiotics were administered and Lola was prepped for surgery. Dr. Grosser sutured the torn muscles that run between the ribs and stabilized the rib fractures. While repairing the damage he was able to assess the lungs and see that they were inflating well and looked okay despite the trauma. A drain was placed to prevent fluid from building up in the surgical sight. After surgery Dr. Grosser did a chest wrap to help keep the ribs stabilized. We recommended having Lola to the emergency clinic after hours so she could continue to be monitored and treated, lessening the chance of further complications. 

Three days after Lola’s surgery she returned to Post Pet Hospital for a bandage change and removal of her Fentanyl patch. Her owner was having difficulty medicating her so Dr. Grosser switched all her medications to the liquid equivalent which was easier for the owner to give. 

Lola was due back once more for her final bandage change and then not again until we removed her external sutures on April 24th. Lola was the perfect patient for all her vet visits despite the amount of pain associated with them. Since her suture removal she had a groom to “blend in” her surgical haircut with the rest of her hair! We are amazed at how well she has done and give most of the credit to the nursing care she received at home from her owner.

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